Online rent payment system

Late fees can automatically be added to the payment schedule as well. Free for landlords, your renters can pay rent by credit card or ACH eCheck via our tenant portal. One of the biggest pains in being a Landlord is collecting the rent. There is a 3-day processing time. Tenant payments are deposited within 3 business days.

This is a point to point ACH system, and funds are insured and secure. Start Accepting Rent Online When does it make sense to accept credit cards. Set it up automatically if you like. Having your tenants set up to pay online every month, is one of the best things to happen to Landlords and Property Managers.

List of Online Rent Payment Tools The links to third-party products and services on this page are affiliate links, meaning that BiggerPockets may earn a commission at no additional cost to you if you click through and make a purchase. Payments made after 5: Avail also allows you to schedule security deposit payments and due dates, as well.

Rentec Direct gives landlords and property managers the ability to automatically receive ACH payments from their tenants. You can choose to pay the entire fee, have the tenant pay the entire fee, or split it between you.

The 10 Most Popular Online Payment Solutions

Funds are deposited straight into your bank account within 2 business days. Simplify your rent collection. You decide what fees to charge your tenants for this service.

Paying rent on-time with rPay can help you build good credit and qualify for anything from loans to leases. Tenant makes the rent payment, and you receive it within business days. Now you have to fight with your bank to get that money back, and you often lose. Accepting credit cards can be very expensive.

By Phone please note the new phone number: Start Accepting Rent Online What are the benefits of using an online rent collection service. Instead of waiting for those checks to come in the mail or going and collecting the rent, why not use an online rent payment tool.

Please allow 3 to 5 business days for your bank account to reflect the payment. Email confirmations of payment are sent to both parties. The little spoken, but much bigger risk of credit cards, is chargebacks.

Late fees can automatically be added to the payment schedule as well. The Complete Guide to Accepting Rental Payments Online Introduction. Decided to make the switch from checks to online rent payment?

By the end of this guide you should be able to: This is the cheapest system to use, and is also the most secure. It’s also the one that powers our online system, which you can sign up for here.


RentPayment & TransUnion offer Credit Reporting

Build rental history, collect or pay rent online, store accounting. Online rental applications and Maintenance requests. TenantCloud is a top of the line system that provides Landlords with: Tenants management - Full accounting - Online payments - Online maintenance requests.

The easiest way to get paid. Once you set up the details of rent and when it’s due, we’ll help you invite your tenants to pay. They can set up recurring rent payments. Online Rent Payment Tools. Avail Avail allows you to set up each individual tenant, enter their monthly rent and due date, and add a separate late fee if rent is paid after a certain date.

Avail also allows you to schedule security deposit payments and due dates, as well. Tenants have the option of logging in to make a payment every month, or. Our online rent payment system is safe and secure.

You have total access to your funds at all times. This system is secured by Dwolla, a trusted system that is .

Online rent payment system
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